The Heart of our Vision & Mission Statement

Our Vision

Sojourn is committed to providing an atmosphere where groups as well as the individual can experience spiritual renewal, physical rest and emotional refreshment. Based on God’s Word, Sojourn seeks to serve both the large and small group with the same level of attentive care and to nurture the specific goals of each retreat.

Our History and Mission Statement

In 1987 the Lord put it on our hearts to build a retreat facility in Fenton, Missouri, where Christians could experience spiritual renewal, physical rest and emotional refreshment.

After a lot of planning Sojourn, then named Revive Us Again Christian Retreat officially opened in 1994. Our start was by no means meager, building on 32.7 acres and able to accommodate 144 people.

Because of our commitment to escaping the chaotic life, as Fenton began expanding, we noticed the sounds of cars honking, construction sites blaring and houses popping up all around us. At this point, we decided to take our own advice and escape to a more secluded environment.

In the spring of 2001, the Fenton property was sold to Joyce Meyer Ministries and we relocated to the beautiful countryside of Dittmer, Missouri. With plenty of room for expansion and the atmosphere already quiet and calm, we built our current facilities on 75 acres with the ability to accommodate 164 people with hotel style rooms.

At the core of everything we believe; the very reason behind opening Sojourn is you. We believe inside each person lies unlimited potential. Sometimes, in our quick-paced society, the everyday commitments can be just as distracting as the honking horns and the construction sites. So, at Sojourn, we’ll do everything we can to eliminate the distractions, increase the relaxation and pray that God speaks to you in a very personal way.