Sounds Great, So Show Me

If you’re from St. Louis, or you know anything about the city, it’s not hard to imagine that retreat centers aren’t just around every turn. Sure, maybe in Montana, but not here. So, because we know churches and youth groups need some place to stretch their legs out, meet for bible studies and laugh it up, we created the Sojourn amenities experience.

  • 3 Teaching Centers

    Since we are able to house more than one group at a time, we created three Teaching Centers: The Annex, the Quarters and the Loft. Each Teaching Center can be utilized for classes, bible studies, worship services, or just to get everyone together. And we’ve added a couple of extras! The teaching center you book is available to your group 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and each can seat anywhere from 25-180. Also, we’ve kept comfort in mind—so each Teaching Center comes standard with a large fireplace, couches, chairs and an adjacent kitchenette.

  • Nature Trails

    Remember when you were a little kid and your mom or dad would tell you to get out of the house and enjoy the nice day? Well, we do the same, just without all the nagging. Enjoy 87 acres of pristine walking trails.

  • 4-Acre Lake

    While you’re here, be sure to take advantage of a little early morning swim, catch a little afternoon fishing off our dock, or enjoy the sun by moving around in the six paddleboats.

  • WiFi

    Free WiFi is available throughout the retreat center.

  • Hotel Style Rooms

    That means you can enjoy the outdoors all you want, take a nap by the lake, get a little dirty if you want, and then come back inside to your fully carpeted, air-conditioned room with private bathroom. These are not typical youth camp conditions—promise. Our facility can hold at minimum a group of 25 and at maximum 164 when staying overnight.

  • Lake View Dining Hall

    Our Dining Hall has the seating capacity for 200 people and overlooks the lake. So whether you’re with a group of 25 or 200 you’ll be able to watch each other chow down.

  • Personalized Menu Selections

    When you book a retreat here, you can be assured of a menu that is not just “warmed up” in the back. We featured home-cooked food with quality service. And be sure to let them know of any allergies members of the group might have.

  • Sandpit Volleyball

    Bump, set, spike. Challenge each other to a friendly game of volleyball or perhaps a sandcastle-building contest.

  • Basketball Court

    1 on 1 basketball? Perhaps 3 on 3? If you have the time, schedule a tournament and the losers have to swim the lake.

  • Game Fields

    If you build the field, they will come play in it. Whether you want to organize a game of soccer, football, capture the flag…basically anything you can dream up to do in a huge field, be our guests.

  • Bon Fires

    Singing cume-ba-yah never sounded so good. If you’d like to take advantage of this amenity, mention it when booking because there is a small fee.

Coming To a Retreat Near You!

We are constantly thinking up ways to provide you with MORE amenities. Here’s what we’ve got cooked up so far:

  • Indoor Chapel
  • Multipurpose Building with full size gym and game room
  • Beached Swimming Area
  • Outdoor Pool